Angela Sy and Chelsea Nicholas Featured in RADx-UP CDCC Newsletter – October 15, 2023

RADx-UP Operational Lead Crystal Cannon visits RADx-UP partners Angela Sy and Chelsea Nicholas at their poster presentation “Puipuia le Ola: Impact of Education on COVID-19 Testing Knowledge, Attitudes & Behavioral Intentions among Pacific Islanders in Hawai’i” at the APHA 2023 Annual Meeting and Expo.

RADx-UP research featured at APHA 2023 Annual Meeting and Expo

Several RADx-UP projects teams presented their work at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo in Atlanta Nov.12-15.

“RADx-UP projects from across the nation were well-represented through posters and oral presentations in many sessions of the 2023 APHA,” said Dorothy Castille, NIH Program Officer. “Presentations and publications are crucial to informing both the local and scientific communities.”

RADx-UP partners presented community-engaged research results focused on an array of populations and communities, including Black communities, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx communities, American Indian and Alaska Native communities, and Pacific Islander communities.

“The impact and influence of RADx-UP continues to reverberate across the nation as we move forward from the pandemic,” said CCPH executive director Al Richmond. “This year’s APHA is an opportunity for us to continue emphasizing the historic work of RADx-UP and the many academic and community partners who have contributed to its success.” Learn more.

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