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Informational Webinar: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

PURPOSE: Ola HAWAII is a federally funded Research Center in Minority Institutions (RCMI). Its goal is to improve minority health and reduce ethnic and geographic disparities in health by supporting the conduct of basic, clinical, socio-behavioral, epidemiological, and translational research.

The purpose of the Ola HAWAII Research Studio Program is to support the career development of researchers, particularly new and early-stage investigators from underrepresented backgrounds. The Studio is an interactive, roundtable discussion session bringing together research experts representing different perspectives to focus on an individual project at a specific stage of research. This Research Studio Program will offer three categories of studios focused on (1) Research Development, (2) Research Implementation, and (3) Research Outcomes. Research Development studios will assist investigators in identification of mentors, collaborators, and research resources, and in development of study hypotheses, specific aims, and overall study design. Research Implementation studios will focus on project implementation and monitoring as well as data analysis and interpretation. Finally, Research Outcomes studios will provide specific feedback on new or resubmitted manuscripts and grant applications through a peer-review process analogous to those performed by journal reviewers and NIH study sections.

ELIGIBILITY: During this introductory phase, eligibility will be restricted to current and previous Ola HAWAII R grant and pilot project grant awardees. Once established, we hope to open this program to a broader range of investigators researching health disparities.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

INQUIRIES: For inquiries concerning the Research Studio Program or the investigator application process, contact the Research Capacity Core Director, Benjamin Fogelgren ( or Associate Director, Sandra Chang (