Research Infrastructure Core

The primary objective of the Research Infrastructure Core (RIC) is to provide vital research resources needed to study the causes of and interventions for health disparities. To achieve this goal, the RIC will work closely with the Community Engagement Core (CEC) and Investigator Development Core (IDC) and the Ola HAWAII leadership and advisors to enhance needed facilities and equipment and sustain support personnel to provide customized research services complementing investigator education and training. We propose that the RIC will contribute to Ola HAWAII objectives in three key ways.

First, through customized services, the RIC will facilitate the acquisition of preliminary data for grant applications and subsequent research contributing to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various chronic diseases, thereby enhancing the health and wellness of communities in Hawai‘i, which suffer disproportionately from ethnic, environmental and socioeconomic disparities in health. Second, through education and training, the RIC will support the career development of researchers, particularly new and early-stage investigators from underrepresented ethnic minority populations and other historically marginalized groups. Third, through core development, the RIC will create new tools and technologies or repurpose existing tools and strategies to accelerate advances in the science of minority health and health disparities. In all of these activities, the RIC will work collaboratively with the CEC and IDC and other non-NIMHD cores, such as those supported by the NIGMS Institutional Development Award (IDeA) program and the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), and will address the following aims.

The Ola Hawaii Research Infrastructure Core supports the operations of 7 JABSOM Facilities/ Cores. These facilities provide specialized expertise and resources needed to optimize the health disparity research of Ola Hawaii investigators.

More information is available at each of their websites:

Potential Ola Hawaii investigators should request resources or consultations from the facilities by using the Request for Resources online form.

The charges for utilizing each facility’s resources should be discussed with the respective Facility/Core Director. The following re-charge algorithm is provided as a general guideline only and may be different for each Facility/Core:

Ola Hawaii FUNDED research projects No charge or at cost
Projects led by Junior Researchers as PIs (Assistant Professor or below) who currently receive pilot funding from other infrastructure grants 25% of full price
Health disparity pilot studies with Senior  Researchers  as PIs 50% of full price
Fully funded Investigators; Pharmaceutical Studies Full price