Investigator Development Core

The primary objective of the Investigator Development Core (IDC) is to support, strengthen and diversify the clinical, basic biomedical, behavioral and community research workforce and thinkforce engaged in the science of minority health and health disparities. To achieve this goal, the IDC, in close collaboration with the Community Engagement Core (CEC) and Research Infrastructure Core (RIC) and MPI leadership and advisory committees, will build on the foundations of the current and previous RCMI accomplishments and those of other mentoring and research infrastructure programs to create a nurturing environment for career advancement of faculty to succeed as independent investigators in research aimed at improving minority health and reducing or eliminating health disparities. In addition to scientific and career development mentoring, new and early-stage investigators, particularly those from under-represented minority groups and/or with disadvantaged backgrounds, will be eligible to compete for funding through the Team-Science Pilot Projects Program. Inherent in this approach are the outcomes of accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, heightening research productivity, increasing competitiveness for mainstream extramural funding, and ultimately improving the health of the Nation.