Mentoring Bootcamp

Fall 2018 Schedule

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Session 1 September 10, 2018

Careers: academia, industry, local and federal govt

Overview of bootcamp, NIH requirements for training in RCR,

Session 2 September 11, 2018

Mentor/mentee relationships; collaborations & team science

Environmental safety: chemicals, biological agents

Session 3 September 12, 2018

Survey design, admin., dissemination and implementation.

Data mgmt and analysis, reproducibility

Session 4 September 13, 2018

Human subjects or tissues;
regulatory and compliance issues

Promotion and Tenure

Session 5 September 14, 2018

Community-engaged and community based participatory research. Building trust-based relationships with communities

Session 6 September 17, 2018


Budgeting, personnel management

Session 7 September 18, 2018

Vertebrate animals; regulatory and compliance issues

Variables in animal experimentation

Session 8 September 19, 2018

Funding opportunities

Authorship, collab manuscripts; MS prep, submission, revision

Session 9 September 20, 2018

Research integrity, professional ethics

Intelectual property, copyrights, patents, etc

Session 10 September 21, 2018

Open topics

Public-speaking, presentation and communication skills


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